6 Sarah Stretch Breathing & Stretches

n/a 1 10 Inhale to rise: Exhale as you push back and lower chest Your Choice
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TEMPO Inhale to rise: Exhale as you push back and lower chest
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  • Active stretch for the anterior and posterior musculature
  • Increase ankle mobility
  • Improves Thoracic (upper spine) Mobility
  • Warm up muscles for movement

Targeted Muscles

  • Back Musculature
  • Posterior Hip and Leg Musculature
  • Ankle Flexor and Extensors.

How to Perform

  1. Begin by facing wall with arms extended straight from shoulders and feet placed under hips.
  2. As you exhale, bend from hips, sending them back as you drop your chest to the floor and lift toes up. Ensure you keep your spine straight with a slight arch in your low back. Hold for a moment.
  3. As you Inhale, drive the hips forward returning to standing as you lift your chest up, pulling the shoulders away from the ears and lifting the chest towards the ceiling. Lift up on to the toes. Lengthening your body. Hold for a moment.

Common Challenges

  • Due to tight hamstrings and low back immobility the spine can round when you push the hips back on the exhale. This is usually due to tight hamstrings. It may start to loosen. If not, try the Hamstring Stretch first.
  • If the neck or shoulders become painful or tight in the hip back portion of this exercise, it may prove helpful to gain some thoracic mobility first by staying in the Deep Breathing over Foam Roller Stretch for 5-15 mins.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

Avoid this exercise. An alternative exercise option is the Hamstring Stretch with Chair