Be Well

Heart Health by Design Relaxation Session

Rest and relaxation are as vital to our heart health as our strength and cardio level. Without it, we can place added stress on our hearts, become burnt out, depressed, stressed and/or sick.

Taking some time to be still, mindful and quiet can reduce the fight or flight response, enhance our wellbeing and health and increase our resistance to stress.

These types of practices don’t take long and have scientifically been shown to improve cardiac health and wellbeing.

Try one of our short and effective programs today….

Heart Health by Design Breathing Session

One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce stress and regulate the cardiovascular system is with breathing.

The slower and deeper we breathe the better we feel while optimizing our heart rate, blood pressure and wellbeing.

Try this program each morning, evening or waiting for your pot of coffee to brew.

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