Eat Well

Eat Well – Nutrition Advice

Our food choices are essential to how well our bodies and minds function. Our nutrition advice is not based on fad diets or deprivation. You can eat well and enjoy your food at the same time.

When it come to heart health, the gold standard seems to be the Mediterranean diet. This cardiac friendly diet has been the most researched to date. Additionally suggested is Dr. Hymans Pegan Diet. A delicious diet full of nutrients that promote optimal health and wellbeing.

The Pegan Diet

Dr. Hyman is the founder and director of The Ultra Wellness Center, the Head of Strategy and Innovation of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He promotes the Pegan Diet, a common sense approach to nutrition. This diet is a mixture of Vegan – mainly plant based foods, mixed with the Paleo diet – following a way of eating similar to our paleonthic ancestors.

For more information on Dr. Hyman’s The Pegan Diet we suggest the following links below:

Dr. Hyman’s The Pegan Diet:

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