Cardiovascular Fitness Recommendations

Heart Health by Design Exercise Guidelines

It is strongly suggested you read the guidelines to understand how to navigate your level of exercise intensity and other important safety considerations.

  • It is suggested to get 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise a week. Note: The AHA also suggests 75 mins of higher intensity exercise however this should be discussed prior to participation with your Cardiologist or if you are an HCM patient, a HCM Expert Physician.
  • For HCM Patient’s Only: If considering low-intensity sports, the aerobic component would not exceed heart rate would be greater than 50% of maximum, or level of perceived exertion would be no higher than 12 on the Borg scale.
  • It’s best to move during the day and sitting for longer than 45 minutes is not recommended. Take a few minutes to do a few body squats, take the stairs, park further away from the front door, go further for a cup of coffee. Take a walk at lunch.
  • Your cardio can be done in segments through out the week and can consist of any exercise that resides within the limits mentioned above.

For Stable Cardiac Patients and HCM Patients, Be Aware of the additional safety considerations:

  • If you develop shortness of breath, chest pain or light headedness with any of these activities, STOP immediately.
  • Do not exercise in extreme environmental conditions such as heat, cold or high humidity.
  • Ensure you stay well-hydrated before, during and after exercise.
  • Keep your exercise program under 60 minutes. A high volume of exercise can increase the fight or flight response.

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