Wood Chop 1: With Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball 2 5 on each side 2 Down: 2 Up: 1 Hold 1 min
LOAD Swiss Ball
REPS 5 on each side
TEMPO 2 Down: 2 Up: 1 Hold
REST 1 min


  • Strengthen waist musculature
  • Promote integrated twisting movement pattern
  • Great warm-up exercise

Targeted Muscles

  • Rotational Core Muscles
  • Legs and Hip Musculature

How to Perform

  1. Begin with the ball between your hands. Arms extended from the shoulders. Draw the belly in towards the spine to activate the core.
  2. Maintaining a straight spine, bend through the hips and knees as you twist and slowly lower the ball towards the left side. As you inhale, raise the ball across the chest and up and towards the ceiling on the right side.
  3. Hold for a moment and then slowly lower towards the left.
  4. Complete suggested number of repititions and then repeat on the other side.

Common Challenges

  • It’s common to loose the ability to maintain a straight spine. It’s important as you move towards the floor with the ball that you are able to bend at your hips, knees and ankles and not the back. To help keep your back straight, lift your chest up and pull your shoulder blades back and down as you complete the exercise. If you still struggle to keep a straight spine, it could be due to a lack of flexibility. Try all the Stretches mentioned in Advanced program before completing this exercise.

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