Sun Salutations 2: Full Version

6x’s - alternating legs from runners lunge Slowly and moving with belly breath.
SETS 6x’s - alternating legs from runners lunge
TEMPO Slowly and moving with belly breath.


  • To lengthen, strengthen, flex and extend many of the major muscles of the body.
  • A comprehensive Warm Up.

Targeted Muscles

  • Upper/Lower Body

How to Perform

  1. Begin by standing with feet together and breathing deeply from the belly.
  2. Inhale and reach your arms out to the side and over your head.
  3. Exhale, fold forward towards the floor. Inhale, as the upper body hangs forward over legs.
  4. Exhale step your right foot back into a runner's lunge.
  5. Inhale, sweep your hands up and over your head into a high lunge.
  6. Exhale, fold forward and step back into a high plank position. Inhale.
  7. Exhale lower half way to the floor with elbows tucked into the your side body.
  8. Inhale into Cobra.
  9. Exhale push back into Downward Facing Dog. Take a few breaths here.
  10. Inhale walk or jump your right foot in between your hands. Exhale.
  11. Inhale sweep your hands into high lunge.
  12. Exhale forward fold into runners lunge.
  13. Inhale, step your left foot to meet your right. Exhale
  14. Inhale, roll up one vertebra at a time, back to the start position.
  15. Repeat, yet switch to the left leg when stepping back into runners lunge.

Common Challenges

  • This yoga series can be challenging for those not used to moving through many complex athletic positions. It's strongly suggested you try the basic stretches in the beginner and intermediate programs first, followed by the Modified Sun Salutation series. Then progressing on to the full Sun Salutations.
  • As this series contains lunges, it's also suggested that the split squat in the strengthening part of the advanced program be mastered first.
  • Also in high cobra, plank and downward facing dog it can be easy to over recruit your neck and shoulder muscles. Remember to pull your shoulders away from your ears in these poses, creating a long neck.
  • It's common to forget to breath deeply when completing this yoga series. It's helpful to remember that the breath is the foundation of each yoga pose. Breathing deeply will also help optimize each stretch.

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