Cobra 2: Static

Body Weight Holding 1-2 1 Hold 30 sec to 3 mins 30 sec
LOAD Body Weight Holding
SETS 1-2
TEMPO Hold 30 sec to 3 mins
REST 30 sec


  • Progression from Cobra 1
  • Strengthen back muscles to improve posture and back health

Targeted Muscles

  • Back of Shoulder Musculature
  • Para Spinal Musculature
  • Back Musculature
  • Deep Core Abdominal Musculature
  • Gluteal Musculature

How to Perform

  1. Lying face down with arms to the side of your body and head facing down.
  2. Keeping your feet on the floor, inhale and slowly begin to lift your upper body off the floor as you extend through the crown of your head and externally rotate your arms and hands.
  3. Keep your collar bones wide, your chin tucked, extended and your head back towards the ceiling.
  4. Hold.

Common Challenges

  • Many lift the head to look up, compressing the cervical spine. Ensure you look only slightly in front of you on the floor.
  • It's common to want to turn the hands and shoulders inward. Externally rotate your hands (thumbs out) and shoulders to feel an opening across the chest.
  • Ensure you are extending forward and not lifting too much to compress the low back muscles.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions for Patients with an ICD

Arms should stay 25 degrees away from body
Be careful not to add heavy pressure on the chest when descending to the floor